Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS)

Facial Surgery

There are several, often quite obvious differences between male and female facial features. Many of these gender-defining features can be perfected with a range of surgical techniques.

Obvious differences between males and females include the shape of the forehead, the brow and the size and line of the jaw and chin. The nose and adam’s apple can also differ.


Forehead surgery

This generally involves a long incision within the hairline passing from ear to ear. This allows reshaping of the frontal bone that is usually more prominent (frontal bossing) in the male.

Brow surgery

Because the male eyebrow is much lower and flatter than the female, a browlift that both elevates and produces more of an arched shape will feminise the upper part of the face.


With a female having a narrower and shorter jaw and a more pointed chin, surgical intervention can reshape the bones. The incisions are usually concealed within the mouth and titanium plates and screws employed to fix it in place.

Complimentary procedures include rhinoplasty (often reducing a larger, masculine nose), thyroid cartilage (Adam’s apple) reduction, cheek and lip reshaping and re-contouring with fat transfer. Non-surgical measures such as fillers and botulinum toxin may also be used.

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