M2F Transexual Breast Augmentation

TRANSEXUAL Breast Augmentation (BA)

Silicone BA celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012 so there is now a large body of scientific study that has proven

  1. No increase in breast cancer in women with silicone breast implants
  2. No link to any autoimmune or connective tissue disease
  3. No problems in infants breast-fed by mothers with silicone breast implants

Collectively we have over 30 years’ experience in assisting selection of the optimal individual implant. 3D photographic morphing is also available to patients and allows you to ‘try before you buy’.

Our preferred technique involves an infra-mammary incision with a submuscular pocket for round implants and employs the ABBA technique for the lowest possible capsular contraction rate.



The goals of surgery are appropriate chest wall contour and good quality scars. Whichever technique is chosen, all patients will require:

  • General Anaesthetic
  • Single overnight hospital stay (unless close to the hospital)


Hormone substitution – feminine hormones are used and changes to the breast are usually modest. Surgery in the form of breast augmentation is a common option.


  • Wound review 1 week (usually at the hospital, but with the local GP by arrangement if you live far from the hospital)
  • Outpatient review 6 weeks and 6 months

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