“I am a FTOM Transsexual. When I was 42, the time had come for me to find a surgeon who could give me a flat chest. I met one other surgeon before meeting Dai Davies. I chose Dai Davies not only because of his reputation but because I felt at ease straight away when I met him. His team, Julia, Lindsey and the others were endlessly supportive and professional. During the days leading up to the surgery I was very nervous, it was a big step to take. Dai and his team were aware of this and made it a lot easier. My chest was reconstructed on the 11th October 2010 and I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made. To choose Dai Davies the results speak for themselves, I have seen other people’s surgeries and often breathe a sigh of relief. I would always recommend Dai Davies and his team, especially to those of us on the trans spectrum who sometimes require that extra little bit of understanding. I was treated with respect.”
He made me feel very comfortable and I felt I could trust him 100%
“I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the results of Miles Berry. From the first time I chatted with him, he answered all my questions and explained exactly what the procedure would consist. He made me feel very comfortable and I felt I could trust him 100% after the first consultation. The CSP Team are very professional, kind and thoughtful. They are always available to help in all ways. Thank you all so much for your kindness, assurance, and concern for my wellbeing before and after the surgery. Thank you for everything!”
very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the aftercare
“I had heard good recommendations about both the quality of Mr Davies work and the service of his company, so I decided to go along for a consultation. I was very pleased with what I found, and indeed very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the aftercare. Mr Davies was friendly, professional throughout.”
Female to Male Chest Reconstruction
“My chest was reconstructed on the 24th Sept 2012 and I had been waiting a long time for this day to come. The Surgery was performed by Mr Miles Berry along with his team and I was an unusual case in that my chest was quite tight but I have to say that I’m very pleased with the results. I was very happy with the staff that cared for me and since my surgery my life has changed so much and I now walk with my head held high. Thanks to Miles Berry and his team.”
Kirone McCaffreyrole
Chest reconstruction surgery
“I had chest reconstruction surgery performed by Dai Davies and the result was everything I could have wished for. Mr Davies himself was friendly, with a great sense of humour and really put me at ease. It is impossible to put into words the difference the surgery has made to my life. I feel so much more comfortable and confident within myself, and I have been able to do things I would never have dreamt of doing before. Many, many thanks to Mr Davies for doing such a wonderful job and giving me the body that fits with who I am.”
I am over the moon with the results of my surgery
“I am over the moon with the results of my surgery with Mr Davies. From my first consultation right through to aftercare, he has been supportive, realistic and approachable. Staff who cared for me at the time of surgery, and in follow-up appointments were excellent: friendly and knowledgeable. The quality of care and advice I have been given has been very high; much higher than I have encountered when going through surgery previously elsewhere. I count myself as very fortunate in that I have had no complications or ill-effects, which is more than can be said of friends both in the UK and abroad who have had similar surgery. This surgery really has been life-changing, and I have Mr Davies and his team to thank for that.”